You may know a bit about San Antonio. You’ve probably heard of the Alamo, the River Walk or the Spurs.

But you may not know about our growing ecosystem of education, jobs, culture, arts, tourism, public spaces and all the other things that make San Antonio such a great place to live and do business.

We take a smart approach to growth that attracts a young and diverse population and drives innovation while maintaining our cultural charm.

Real Affordability. Ready for Living.

Lots of places claim a “small town feel” but few can back it up with big city opportunity. San Antonio has a large and diverse business base; from corporate offices, customer service centers, and financial service centers, to e-commerce centers and high-security data centers.

We are uniquely primed for bigger things, which is why young people, the military, businesses and families call San Antonio home.

Real industries. Ready to work.


The number of cybersecurity companies, our proximity to highly advanced military talent, and the competitive cost of living and doing business put us in a unique position other cities find difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate.


More than 1 out of every 6 San Antonio employees work in biosciences and healthcare, creating an industry with a comprehensive supply chain and infrastructure. With more than 3,300 MDs and PhDs, our powerhouse ecosystem generated over $36 billion of economic impact for the region.

Tech Sector

We’re well beyond “emerging.” This collection of more than 34,000 IT professionals in over 1,000 companies generating $10 billion of economic impact. Collaborative organizations like Geekdom, Tech Bloc and CodeUp fuel the tech ecosystem with training resources and office space.


It’s all about high-tech, robotics, aerospace, and supply chains. Manufacturing in San Antonio represents a robust ecosystem of multiple industries and citywide investment in industry-led recruitment/training programs.